College Post

SEED-ICF started an academic journal for publishing articles, news , views, development across the globe and researches in education and book review. The journal has published 16 volumes each of three-four issues. First issue of 17th Volume has been published recently.

How to be associated with the "College Post"

It will be nice to have you with us in a movement for the development of collegiate education and the creation of a new knowledge-societal relationship So, tell us something about your college, and of course, about yourself. Share with us and with a large community of principals and teachers, your experience as a principal, the problem/challenges faced by you in dealing with day to day activities in your college, and the way you have dealt with them (in about 1000 words).

If anything newsworthy happens in your college please let us know. We would be pleased to give it in all India level publicity by publishing it in the forthcoming issues of the "College Post". The news item must be in around 500 words.

You can also send us articles and research paper in about 1000 to 3000 words.

We would also like to publish a profile of your college and yourself. The college profile and your own profile should be in around 300 words each (total 600 words).

What else? You can send us reviews of the books you have read recently (In about 1000 words).

So, you have a wide choice. Just write to us. It's your journal. Giving publicity to your views and addressing them, if necessary, is our duty.

Subscription to the "College Post"

The Annual subscription rates of the "College Post"- journal of higher education is Rs.1500 per annum. Subscription form ( click here)