Quarterly Journal

College Post- the Higher Education Journal - Quarterly

SEED -ICF has been publishing for the last one half decades a quarterly journal entitled "College Post - An ICF journal" for the benefit of principal of colleges, Vice Chancellors, key policy makers and teachers & student of higher education. A total 11 Volumes have been published so far. The journal has ISSN -2348-84X and ISBN 978-81-9d29059-0-7 numbers.

Books, Research Reports and Occasional Papers and Monograph

The list of Publications and Research Studies is given below:


  • Factors and Forces influencing Growth and Development of Higher Education - Monograph
  • An In depth Analysis of Indicators of World University Ranking - Mimeograph
  • Foreign Direct Investment- Creative or Disruptive External Economic Intervention - Monograph, 2014

Books (edited volume)

  • Issues in Development of Colleges - Governance and Other Aspects - Collection of papers presented in Annual Conference of ICF
  • Issues in Development of Colleges - Quality and Resources Aspects - Collection of papers presented in Annual Conference of ICF.

Report of the ICF Conferences - Latest

  • Transforming Higher Education to Meet Future Challenges - 25 th Silver Jubilee ICF Conferenc,2019
  • Reports of previous conferences available with SEED Office

Quarterly Journal

College Post - The higher Education Journal - latest publication Vol 20 April - June, 2020 \ Other issues are available on website and with Seed Office

(Send your request to Manager Circulation, SEED Publications for acquiring a copy)