Analytical Studies

Under this Center following activities have been under taken:

Dewan Foundation UK sponsored evaluative Studies

Series of Studies of Micro- Finance for income generation for livelihood for women sponsored by Dewan Foundation UK.

Evaluation Studies on Micro Finance

Report1   |   Report2   |   Report3

ICSSR sponsored Study on Micro- Finance

Study of Micro Finance for income generation for livelihood A comparative Study of Non-Profit Making NGOs, SBLP and Profit making MFIs support by Indian Council of Social Science Research has been completed. The study has been reviewed well by the expert reviewer. January,2015.

FDI Monograph

President SEED Dr. G.D. Sharma analyzed the issue Foreign Direct Investment from policy and practice point of view. It was titled as Foreign Direct Investment- Creative or Disruptive Economic Intervention- April,2014.

FDI Monograph   |   FDI Monograph Report