About us

The Society for Education and Economic Development was registered on 7th August 1992. Since then Society started working keeping in view the following preamble and the objectives of the Society.


The combination of knowledge and physical resources cause development of human being at large, hence analysis of education and economy constitute a critical inputs in the understanding of the sources of development of people in a nation-state or the world as a whole. The key to development of people, therefore, is to understand the role of education in the process and sources of development of human kind and formulate future strategies of their development on this planet earth.


  • Identify the sources of development and to formulate the strategies and alternative indicators of development of people and the society with a focus on India and other developing countries
  • Collect relevant information and analyze the data on education and economic processes and other information, knowledge and skill on the sources and process of development of these aspects for the benefit of the people at large. It will also develop alternative indicators of development of people and the society
  • Conduct seminars / workshops / training programmes for dissemination of knowledge and skills
  • Encourage or engage in the development of education and economic institutions/ organizations for generation, dissemination of knowledge and skills through Research Studies and Action Research
  • Directly contribute to economic and educational activities by setting up organizations for the educational and economic development of people
  • Provide consultancy services and guidance to people, groups and institutions in India and to other countries for their development
  • Publish journals, news bulletins, papers, books to disseminate knowledge and information as well as engage in any other activities to achieve the above aims and objects


Donations to SEED are exempted under Income Tax Act 80g. Philanthropists are welcome to donate or sponsor research, training and support of SEED-WEME.